Helldivers 2 has arrived on a mission to enforce democracy on alien planets, regardless of resistance from hostile creatures. This sequel to Helldivers introduces a battle pass system for the first time in the series, aligning with the trend of live-service games dominating the gaming landscape.

Dubbed Warbonds, these battle passes come in multiple variants, with one of them being accessible at no extra cost beyond the initial game purchase.

Within this article, we’ll explore the plethora of rewards offered in the game’s two Warbonds: the complimentary Helldivers Mobilize and the premium Steeled Veterans.

Functioning akin to battle pass systems in popular titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone, each Warbond allows players to unlock rewards by earning in-game currency known as Medals. As you accumulate items on a page, you unlock subsequent pages, offering a degree of flexibility in the order of rewards you claim.

The free Helldivers Mobilize battle pass boasts 10 pages packed with rewards ranging from premium currency, dubbed Super Credits, to emotes, armor skins, weapon skins, and more. On the other hand, the paid Steeled Veterans battle pass, priced at approximately $10, offers an additional three pages of rewards.

Savvy players can potentially unlock the premium pass using Super Credits earned through the free Warbond, a strategy likely facilitated by Arrowhead, the game’s developer, as a deliberate design choice. Alternatively, players can bypass the wait and instantly purchase the premium pass if they prefer.

If you’re prepared to embark on a mission of spreading democracy through the thunderous sounds of gunfire and explosive grenades, delve into the array of Warbond rewards awaiting in Helldivers 2. We’ve provided detailed insights into the rewards available in both the free and paid battle passes, highlighting the transition to the premium offerings.













































































































































Steeled Veterans Warbond


Steeled Veterans Warbond

From here on, these rewards can only be unlocked if you purchase the premium Warbond for 1,000 Super Credits ($10).