Southern Rock Pioneer Dickey Betts Passes Away at 80, Leaving a Legacy of Legendary Guitar

Dickey Betts, a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band and renowned

Sneha Saha

The Rock dismisses Dave Meltzer’s report as horsesh*t; journalist reacts at last

Journalist Dave Meltzer has addressed The Rock's recent criticism of a report

Gong Yoo

Message from 58-year-old Hall of Famer to Randy Orton shows heartfelt gratitude

Mick Foley took to Instagram to reminisce about his iconic Hardcore Match

Ji-woo Choi

WWE’s Blunder: Sami Zayn’s Mishap in Belfast

During tonight's live event in Belfast, WWE encountered an embarrassing moment when

Ji-woo Choi

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Former UFC Fighter Geane Herrera Dies in Tragic Motorcycle Accident at the Age of 33

The sudden and tragic passing of Geane Herrera, a former UFC and Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship fighter, has deeply saddened

Gong Yoo Gong Yoo

Persona 6: Rumors and Speculation about the Next Big Release

Rumors about the release date of Persona 6 have been circulating for years, but recent whispers suggest that an update

Yu Jin-sil Yu Jin-sil

12-Time WWE Champion Praises “Flawless” Rey Mysterio as Best Opponent

Rey Mysterio's illustrious wrestling career has left an indelible mark, earning him a well-deserved place in the WWE Hall of

Jae-Hyun Jung Jae-Hyun Jung

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Developers Prioritize Resolving Login and Server Issues

Rocksteady, the developer behind Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, has acknowledged the persistent login and server issues plaguing the

Si-u Yoon Si-u Yoon


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The Rock has a real-life problem with Seth Rollins?

In the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, The Rock made a grand entrance, setting the stage for what promises to

Si-u Yoon Si-u Yoon

“Night 2 of 2024 WWE Draft: 4 NXT Stars Chosen, Including Former Champions and Fan Favorites”

Night Two of the 2024 WWE Draft brought anticipation and excitement as NXT performers awaited their fate, with several eyeing

Ji-woo Choi Ji-woo Choi

Reports provide backstage update on Stephanie McMahon’s WWE future

WWE WrestleMania XL brought back Stephanie McMahon, sparking discussions about her role within the company. Recent updates shed light on

Si-u Yoon Si-u Yoon

WrestleMania 40 Sunday Crowd Upset Over Major Issue

As WrestleMania XL Night Two unfolded, anticipation reached a fever pitch, promising to etch its place in wrestling lore. Yet,

Si-u Yoon Si-u Yoon

Ultimate Spider-Man #2 Unveils a New Era with the Ultimate Shocker and Intriguing Green Goblin Dynamics

The debut of the new Ultimate Spider-Man unfolds in a vastly distinct world from that of the mainstream Marvel Universe

Park-Shin Jung Park-Shin Jung

Matt Damon and Casey Affleck Reunite for Heist Comedy “The Instigators”

Matt Damon and Casey Affleck Reunite for The Instigators After their military roles in Oppenheimer, Matt Damon and Casey Affleck

Kim-Song Kim-Song

Guardian Tales Teams Up with “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” for Epic Crossover Event

Guardian Tales, the popular gacha game, is joining forces with the hit isekai anime "That Time I Got Reincarnated as

Yu Jin-sil Yu Jin-sil

Roman Reigns Drops Big News Right Before WrestleMania Starts

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has made a significant announcement on social media, just moments before WrestleMania XL. Tonight, at The

Si-u Yoon Si-u Yoon