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Xbox Boss “Phil Spencer” Backs Third-Party Stores: A Game-Changer in Console Gaming

In a sudden turn of events, Phil Spencer, the head honcho of Xbox, has thrown his support behind the idea

Yu Jin-sil Yu Jin-sil

ARK: Survival Ascended Coming to Xbox Game Pass In April!

As Xbox Game Pass continues to expand its offerings, it's gearing up to welcome one of the standout titles of

Yu Jin-sil Yu Jin-sil

Palworld: Coming Soon to PS5 & Switch!: Get Ready To Dive Into The New Adventures

Palworld has carved out a niche of success primarily on PC and Xbox Series X|S, yet Pocket Pair, the game's

Yu Jin-sil Yu Jin-sil

New Game ‘Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess’ Joins Xbox Game Pass Soon

During the Partner Preview event in March 2024, Xbox thrilled gaming enthusiasts by revealing the imminent release of Capcom's much-anticipated

Yu Jin-sil Yu Jin-sil

Persona 3 Reload: ‘The Answer’ DLC Coming Later This Year As The Final Chapter Expansion

Exciting news for Persona 3 enthusiasts, as Atlus has officially confirmed the addition of the previously missing expansion, The Answer,

Yu Jin-sil Yu Jin-sil

Check Out The Alters: Sci-Fi Adventure on Day One with Game Pass!

In the vibrant ambiance of today's Xbox Partner Preview, 11 Bit Studios delighted gamers with an exclusive revelation—the inaugural gameplay

Yu Jin-sil Yu Jin-sil

Danny Ramirez and Tati Gabrielle join the cast of The Last of Us Season 2

Variety has revealed the addition of four new cast members to The Last of Us Season 2 adaptation on HBO.

Si-u Yoon Si-u Yoon