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Level Up Your Fitness: The Rise of Fitness Video Games

Step into a world where gaming isn't just about sitting still—it's about breaking a sweat and feeling alive. Say hello

Vaishnavi Kamble Vaishnavi Kamble

Immersive PC Games You Can’t Miss this year

Immersing yourself in one of the best PC games out there is an experience like no other. Whether you crave

Amisha Yadav Amisha Yadav

Massive New Survival Game Launches First Playtest: Soulmask

Prepare for a gaming experience like no other with the upcoming first playtest of Soulmask, a sprawling RPG, sandbox, and

Amisha Yadav Amisha Yadav

Genshin Impact Update: Insider Leaks and Speculation for Patch 4.7

As Genshin Impact fans eagerly await the release of Patch 4.6, whispers of what's to come in version 4.7 are

Vaishnavi Kamble Vaishnavi Kamble

Fallout Franchise Soars: Record Player Numbers and TV Show Success

Just over a week and a half ago, the Fallout TV series hit Prime Video, and the response has been

Vaishnavi Kamble Vaishnavi Kamble

Mythical Games Embraces Polkadot: Pioneering a Unified Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

Mythical Games, known for their success on Ethereum with games like NFL Rivals and Blankos Block Party, is making a

Vaishnavi Kamble Vaishnavi Kamble

Biped 2: Uniting Forces for Galactic Adventures

Get ready to join the adorable duo of bipedal robots, Aku and Sila, on another thrilling adventure in Biped 2!

Vaishnavi Kamble Vaishnavi Kamble