GameSpot may earn revenue through affiliate and advertising partnerships. Currently, Tekken 8 is available at a significant discount on Amazon and Walmart, priced at $35 for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions.

This marks a notable drop from its previous price of $50, making it a compelling deal for fans. While Amazon’s discount for the PS5 version has ended, the Xbox Series X edition remains available at this reduced rate. Meanwhile, Walmart stocks both versions at a discounted price.

Tekken 8, the latest installment in the renowned fighting game franchise, received a commendable 8/10 rating in GameSpot’s review. Critic Jason Fanelli highlighted its arrival after an eight-year hiatus from its predecessor, praising its Heat System and diverse roster.

Tekken 8 Available at Discount on Amazon and Walmart Amidst Target's B2G1 Game Sale
Tekken 8 Available at Discount on Amazon and Walmart Amidst Target’s B2G1 Game Sale

He noted the game’s appeal to both offline and online players, emphasizing its extensive customization options. Fanelli predicts Tekken 8 will maintain its dominance for years to come, describing it as a thrilling experience.

For those interested in purchasing Tekken 8, Target’s B2G1 (Buy 2, Get 1 free) game sale during Target Circle Week offers an enticing opportunity. This promotion includes new releases and upcoming titles for PS5 and Xbox consoles at discounted rates until July 13, subject to availability.

Additionally, Amazon is running its own B2G1 free game sale ahead of Prime Day, providing further savings. Exclusive Nintendo Switch games are also on sale at Target, featuring franchises like Super Mario and Zelda priced at $35 each.