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Bae Doo-na Unleashes Charisma in ‘Rebel Moon: Part 2 Scargiver

Actress Bae Doo-na returns in the role of Nemesis, a formidable female warrior, in the Netflix movie "Rebel Moon: Part

Sneha Saha Sneha Saha

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2: Buzz Surrounds Casting And Lore of Key Franchise Figure

Last year, Five Nights at Freddy’s took the world by storm, becoming a runaway hit both in theaters and on

Vaishnavi Kamble Vaishnavi Kamble

Texts from Jen and Box Office Wins: The Inside Scoop from Josh Hutcherson

While the Five Nights at Freddy's movie didn't exactly sweep the critics off their feet, it certainly made waves at

Vaishnavi Kamble Vaishnavi Kamble

Budget Battles: Fallout vs. The Last of Us TV Adaptations

Just a few days into its release on Amazon Prime, the Fallout TV series is already making waves in the

Vaishnavi Kamble Vaishnavi Kamble

Jagger’s moves leave Adam Levine Shocked: “A Surreal Experience”

Adam Levine recently shared his astonishment at witnessing none other than Mick Jagger grooving to Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger."

Sneha Saha Sneha Saha

South Korean Thriller ‘The Night Owl’ to Receive Blockbuster Chinese Remake, NEW Announces

South Korean period thriller "The Night Owl" directed by Ahn Tae-jin is set to undergo a remake in China, announced

Sneha Saha Sneha Saha

New Batman Beyond Animated Movie Teased by Spider-Verse Artist

Hope flickered for fans of the beloved DC animated series, Batman Beyond, as leaked footage recently surfaced online. The clip,

Si-u Yoon Si-u Yoon