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Tom Hiddleston Reflects on the Future Possibilities of ‘Loki’ After Season 2 Finale

The climax of Loki second season marked a significant moment for fans, feeling like the culmination of a full narrative

Yu Jin-sil Yu Jin-sil

Marvel’s New Red Band Series to Target Top Heroes with Ultra-Violent Content

Marvel fans, brace yourselves! The next colossal event, Blood Hunt, is looming on the horizon, and Marvel has promised to

Si-u Yoon Si-u Yoon

Marvel Confirms: Magneto Is One of Its Most Dangerous Villains, Responsible for Thousands of Deaths

Magneto, a multifaceted character in Marvel Comics, has long been recognized as both a formidable villain and, at times, a

Park-Shin Jung Park-Shin Jung

Marvel Offers Free “Must-Have” Comics Showcasing Spider-Man, Deadpool, Ms. Marvel, and More

Marvel fans, rejoice! Exciting news awaits as Marvel Comics unveils plans for a captivating new line of free comics tailored

Jae-Hyun Jung Jae-Hyun Jung

Four Decades Later: The Toxic Avenger Reboots into Comic Book Form

40 years after its original debut, the Toxic Avenger makes a comeback in comics with a new series set to

Si-u Yoon Si-u Yoon

Expanding 25 Years Later: The Story of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

In 2024, the 25th anniversary of the debut of Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace is marked with

Si-u Yoon Si-u Yoon

Preview of Dead X-Men #2: Ready to Sacrifice Once More

Marvel's Dead X-Men is an extraordinary team comprising mutants who met their demise at the onset of 'Fall of X,'

Jae-Hyun Jung Jae-Hyun Jung